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2 Walmsley St,

Newton-le-Willows, WA12 9GS   


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February 18th Sunday
March 16th Saturday
April 21st Sunday
The course runs 10am - 3pm

This Workshop breaks down what makes a story and helps you to create a writing plan that will make your writing more focused and enjoyable.  

 'Story' shows you how to overcome any barriers of why you shouldn't write and builds writing confidence, in a relaxed, friendly environment. 

We also look at the positives of writing for wellbeing and how to make time to write in a busy life. 


I attended Luke's one-day Story workshop and had a really enjoyable day. He helped me improve how I plan and construct a story, and I found Luke's suggestions and insight on character arcs helped me to see a difficulty I've been having in a new light. I'd very much recommend the workshop if you are either a new writer or someone who has been writing for a long time and could use some creative support and guidance.

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Welcome to Story, my aim is to help writers understand the most important element of writing: Story. Then secondly, to actually write. At the same time, building writing confidence and providing a relaxed and friendly atmosphere to create. No matter your experience, no matter which format you want to create in (novel, screenplay, short story, shopping list) writing is something that everyone can enjoy and feel the benefits to your mental wellbeing.

As a writer, I spent over ten years as a professional stand-up comedian (yes comics write, they don’t just make it up as they go) performing in over thirteen countries and taking multiple shows to the Edinburgh Festival. I’ve won writing competitions and had my short film Angel Falls made, which won multiple awards (see below).

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I have a two-year-old, meaning I have had no recent photos taken of just me.

(I'm the one on the left.)



MA Television & Radio Scriptwriting

- with Merit

Modules including - Script Development, Craft and Techniques,

Collaborative Script Project, Process and creative Scriptwriting,

Story, Structure & Character development.

Dissertation – Developed a series bible and Scripts for television


BA Creative Writing with Media & Cultural Studies

- with honours

Modules including - Introduction to Creative Writing, Editors Craft,

Screenwriting, Writing for Radio, Writing for Children,

Scribbling and Script: Writing for stage.

Dissertation – Scriptwriting for Television

Academic Achievement Award – Creative Writing – Poetry


University of Reading, Reading 

Adult Studies

  • ​Creating Comedy

  • An introduction to Creative Writing

  • I've always wanted to write, but

  • Sitcom from Scratch

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My workshops are friendly and relaxed, they can be interactive but no one is ever under pressure. I aim to inspire you to enjoy writing and offer guidance that will make writing easier. I don’t agree that you are either a writer or you are not, writing is fun and can be a hobby. Personally, I find writing therapeutic and a daily sense of enjoyment and achievement.

February 18th Sunday - £40
March 16th Saturday - £40
April 21st Sunday - £40
Only six places per workshop

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2 Walmsley St,

Newton-le-Willows, WA12 9GS   


Thank you for visiting

If you have any questions about courses or writing, feel free to email me

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